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Why Retargeting Is Crucial!

Often times as an online marketer, you've probably encountered situations where potential customers didn’t quite make it to the payment section of your website. In fact, available data has it that about 96% of visitors to your site do not convert to paying customers. Scary right? Losing out on that number of customers is no fun, but luckily it's not a hopeless situation. Efficient retargeting can turn a greater percentage of those visitors into paying and loyal customers.

What is Retargeting?

Retargeting is a hot marketing tactic that allows you to keep track of the activities of your site’s visitors after they have left your website, in order to target specific advertisements to them. These set of visitors came to your website but left before they could make a purchase, maybe due to distraction or indecision. You can then use retargeting to put advertise your business as they visit other websites or social media.

For instance, Jerry was at your landing page, he then checked out a few products on your website, but failed to make it to the payment page. With the help of a retargeting pixel that you strategically place in certain sections of your website, you are able to add Jerry to your site’s ‘audience’ and cookie him as he makes his way across other websites and his social media sites. You target specific display networks with Facebook retargeting, Instagram retargeting or other website retargeting tools where the retargeting ads on those products he interacted with are shown to him.

So let's say Jerry then visits a music site, or he decides to go to Instagram to check out some trends, your ad will now be displayed for him specifically on these sites. The aim of retargeting is to get Jerry, along with the rest of the 96%, to become enticed enough to go back to your website to pay for your product or service.

Sometimes, retargeting is used interchangeably with re-marketing, a form of retargeting unique to Google Adwords retargeting. It basically uses email to reach out to your roaming visitors, like the Gmail re-marketing.

Advantages of Retargeting

With retargeting, you build visibility for your brand and reach out to a greater target audience, as opposed to just a random audience. Retargeting is also very cost-effective. It allows you to maximize the money spent on ads because you are able to place the ad at specific locations, targeting visitors who already showed interest in your product/services. This translates to higher ROI. Retargeting not only reminds your previous visitors of your product/service, it also convinces them to revisit and make a purchase, especially when you have special offers.

To get the best out of your Retargeting Campaign

Plan your retargeting in alliance with other marketing campaigns for greater efficiency. Content marketing can help drive traffic, while retargeting will boost traffic drive to your website.

Retargeting is unique and therefore requires unique banner ads, constant optimization, and custom landing pages. This may require more time and effort, but it is 100% worth it.

Despite the extra mile you need to go to get an effective retargeting running, the benefits are huge. You can play around with different patterns and see what works best for you.

If you need assistance with retargeting, look no further! We would love to work with you, so please take advantage of our FREE CONSULTATION.

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