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Give Love To Your Customers This Valentine's Day

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

Valentine’s Day is not just for budding romance lovers and the sting of Cupid’s golden arrows. This is also a great time of year to show love to your customers and let them know they are close to your heart as a business. Remind your loyal customers just how important they are and how valued their continued support is to the progress of your company’s success.

Email Campaigns: Subject With A Kiss

Throughout the history of Valentine’s Day, traditions have become apart of the culture surrounding the holiday. Sending cards with notes of adoration and appreciation are a staple that has not died down. There are now more modernized ways to reach customers outside of written postcards, however. Reaching out with catchy subject lines via emails containing themes surrounding love and a Valentine’s Day color pallet will activate each sense and deepen a memorable connection with your prospective customers.

Every email campaign is an opportunity to increase your email open rate. Catchy subject lines will pull in your reader. Depending on what product or service your business provides, shouting out any promotions in the subject line is a great way to increase the open rate as well as generate a sale. Here are some awesome email subject lines you may want to include in your email campaign…

  1. Don’t Forget Valentine’s Day!

  2. Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts We’ve Put Thought Into

  3. Save 40% On Valentine’s Gifts For Him or Her

  4. Sweatheart Deals For You

  5. Will You Be Our Valentine?

  6. It’s Not Too Late To Order Your Valentine Something Special

  7. A Special Treat For A Special Valentine

  8. Better Than Roses… 40% Off

  9. Valentine’s Day Giveaway (Because we love you!)

  10. FREE SHIPPING On Your Valentine’s Day Purchase of $50 or More

  11. Guaranteed Delivery Before V-Day!

  12. Why We Love Our Customers

These are just a few of the many subject lines you can use to grab your audience and encourage them to buy their beloved something special for Valentine’s Day.

Gift-wrapped With Love

If your budget permits, it may be fun and creative to have themed packaging this Valentine’s Day. A simple way to customize your e-commerce business during the holidays is through bright and colorful mailers. Customizing your mailers for the holidays will ensure every delivery is special.

There are plenty of websites like Inspired Mailers, Uline, and aliexpress (just to name a few) where you can stock up on uniquely colorful and Valentine’s Day-themed mailers for your business. The wrapping should have just as much thought put into it as the gift itself so as to reflect the love and admiration intended for the recipient to feel whenever they receive their package.

Don’t Forget Galentine’s Day

If your audience consists of mostly women, you’ll want to take advantage of a little thing called “Galentine’s Day”. This remix to Valentine’s Day was introduced to the world by an episode of the NBC comedy “Parks and Recreation” by actress Amy Poehler. Galentine’s Day gifts are meant to be the kind of gifts best friends give to one another. In the episode of Parks and Recreation Amy gives her group of lady friends goodie bags with gifts in them such as portraits made with crushed bottles made from their favorite diet sodas. It didn’t take long before retailers caught on and began incorporating this terminology into their marketing strategies.

Overall Valentine’s Day is not just about romantic love and relationships. This holiday is also a day where girlfriends get together and bond while exchanging girly gifts like bottles of wine and pleasantly scented candles. For your e-commerce business, you can also create a Galentine’s day referral program with an incentive given to the gal purchasing an item for their gal friends. For example, offer a raffle entry for a gift certificate for a free spa day with any purchase of a product. Be sure to pick giveaway incentives that align with your brand image!


Fostering genuine relationships with your customers is a process that takes time and consistency. Following up with your client base is extremely important as it will create a level of trust from your customer to you. Your business will flourish the more appreciation you show to your customers. Feel free to leave a comment below with any other helpful tips you recommend for a successful annual marketing plan.

If you need assistance or guidance with getting your holiday campaigns in place, make sure to reach out & request a Free Consultation.

- Izegbe A. Jarvis

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