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What Makes A Successful Video Ad?

Video is taking over the internet. Wondering how video ads became that powerful? Online content consumers have dwindling time and attention spans when it comes to filtering through all of the text bombarding them daily. Videos are more exciting and internet users would rather spend time watching rather than reading. Even pictures aren't as impactful as videos nowadays.

So if a picture is worth a thousand words, what would the worth of a video ad be? The answer is priceless. That is why digital video advertising is taking control, and every internet marketer should tap into the potentials of video ads.

Whether they are reading news, searching for fashion trends, or they are merely trying to catch up via social media platforms or websites, consumers are becoming video-based. Whether they are surfing the net via their smartphones or computers, video content is the king.

Creating an Effective Video Ad

It is not enough that you create videos to market your product or service; your video must stand out. How do you ensure your videos are unique and attractive to consumers?

Be specific with the goal you want to achieve with your video ad. It could be to entice your viewers to buy, to reach out to you, to download things, or just to develop positive feelings towards your brand. Identifying your aim will help you plan and create a meaningful video advertising campaign.

Locate your target audience and target them. Even though you want to reach as many customers as possible, you still need to specifically target a group for each ad. This is more effective even if it warrants creating multiple ads for different target audiences. Create an interesting and compelling video ad. Your video scripts should tell relevant emotional stories that will encompass the central truth about your brand with a call to action. Short and to the point, otherwise you lose them. 10- 120 seconds video can do the magic if it is well-crafted and engaging.

The Trending Digital Videos Dominating The Internet Marketing Space

The outstream video: You have either used it or experienced it as a marketer/internet user. Also known as native video, they are those video ads that autoplay when a user scrolls close to it. They are embedded within the page and pause once the user scrolls past it. Outstream videos are versatile, they enhance brand awareness, and they increase conversion rates because of their ability to target specific audiences. Micro video ads: They can be as short as 10 seconds in length with videos powerful enough to be effective without sound. Some users on mute mode may not get the gist otherwise. Micro video ads serve to entice users to subsequently build a deeper relationship with your brand. Social media ad and video ad merging: Autoplaying and live videos on Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and other social media platforms have become part of the user experience. Online businesses are taking advantage of these opportunities to market their brands to the teeming internet audience. This diminishes the gap between buyers and brands tremendously.

A video ad is powerful, versatile, and convincing. Embracing it could be your business’s lifeline when it is effectively created and used.

If you need amazing video ads created, look no further! We would love to work with you, so please take advantage of our FREE CONSULTATION.

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