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What Makes A Perfect Display Ad?

Advertising is evolving with technology faster than ever nowadays. Remember when businesses had to pay millions for a short slot on national television? Well, now there's a variety of ways to have your brand seen! There is a vast array of digital advertising options available to businesses, thanks to the internet.

Display ads are one form of digital advertising that are much more cost-effective when in comparison to traditional advertising. They can reach millions of target audiences worldwide with specific messages.

Not sure what display advertising really means?

It is a marketing tool that allows online businesses to show internet users what their brand is about, by focusing more-so on graphics than text. Display ad is paid advertising content attractively designed in the form of photos, logos, videos, animations, or other graphics and strategically placed on relevant websites or social media to attract and convert visitors.

The site/page owners get paid for their sites which host the display ad alongside their own content. Great display ads target unique audiences who possess certain unique traits that the brand requires on the Google display network and other platforms. The reason behind the growing use of display ads lies in the belief that web users are naturally more attracted to graphics than to text.

Create an effective display advertising campaign

In addition to creating a convincing ad with a clear call to action, there are certain features needed to make your display ad effective:

1. Clear-cut ad content is easier to connect with and has a higher chance of enhancing brand awareness. It helps users easily recognize your brand, especially when your logo and name are not just included, but presented clearly and consistently. The content should be able to address the central theme of your business and should make customers feel like your brand will be the solution they want.

2. To enhance user experience there should be a synergy between the display ad and the landing page. The ad ought to take them directly to the landing page with the required action and all vital information contained in it. The contents of the ad and the landing page should tally to maintain consistency.

3. Avoid distracting designs and messages. Display ads are designed to be a part of the web content, but it should not be distracting. Simple and attractive designs will make more impact than a loud one that will devalue the ad. Use attractive and clear visual elements that will enhance the text ads and compel your audience to act accordingly.

4. Employ multiple marketing campaigns. Display ad does not have to work in a solo manner. In fact, using it in addition to other marketing campaigns increases your audience reach, while also fueling your brand’s online ‘real estate’.

Formats for display ad include:

Overlay ads which are mostly transparent ads located above contents and can easily be x-closed.

Rich media ads automatically open once the page begins to load, or the non-auto types will remain dormant until you scroll towards them.

Interstitial ads are full-screen display ads that pop up as the user migrates from one online action to the next.

Some notable display ad networks include the Google display network, Facebook audience network, and Twitter audience platform.

If you need assistance creating perfect display ads, look no further! We would love to work with you, so please take advantage of our FREE CONSULTATION.

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