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The Importance Of Retargeting

Website and cart abandonment happens all too often for many businesses. As a matter of fact, 96% of all visitors to your website will not make it to the payment page. That’s not something businesses want to hear, but it is a real truth. Even so, it’s not the end of the world since there are things you can do to lessen this reality and get a better percentage of customers visiting your site to stay and become buying customers who become repeat customers. Retargeting is the answer.

Retargeting Defined

Retargeting is nothing more than showing ads to people who have visited your website. Businesses use retargeting to monitor what visitors are doing once they leave their sites. They do this so that they can use targeted ads to lead them back to their websites or landing pages.

Believe it or not, leaving a site before checking out what you intended to get happens a lot. It may not have anything to do with your products or services. The visitors may have become distracted or for whatever reason, left without making a purchase, signing up for a webinar, and so on.

To illustrate, Tameka visits your landing page but before that, she looked at a few samples of your online courses on your website. For some reason or another, she bolted before completing her transaction. A retargeting pixel can help with situations such as this. You would need to place the pixel in the strategic areas of your website. In turn, this will add Tameka to your website’s community. You can then send secure (HTTP) data to her computer’s browser while she’s browsing websites as well as the social platforms she’s visiting. This is known as a cookie or as many may refer to, as a retargeting tag. You aim at individual display networks with Facebook retargeting, Instagram retargeting or other website retargeting tools where the retargeting ads on those products she interacted with are shown to her.

At times, remarketing is used in place of retargeting. It’s a type of retargeting specifically known to Google AdWords retargeting. Essentially, it utilizes email as a way to communicate with your roaming visitors, such as Gmail remarketing.

Retargeting Advantages

Using retargeting in your marketing campaigns gives you a wider audience to reach. This is a win-win for your business since it allows you to provide brand awareness for a targeted audience rather than a hit or miss audience. It’s also cost-effective in that you get your money’s worth from strategically placing your ads where your audience is in real-time. Besides, showing your ads to individuals who have already shown interest in your products/services increases the likelihood of higher rate conversions. This turns into a greater return on your investment. In addition, it keeps your brand in front of your visitors and persuades them to return to your site to purchase a product or service especially when you’re offering a discount for a certain length of time.

How To Effectively Use Retargeting

Plan your retargeting in alliance with other marketing campaigns for greater efficiency. Content marketing can help drive traffic, while retargeting will boost traffic drive to your website.

Retargeting is unique and therefore requires unique banner ads, constant optimization, and custom landing pages. This may require more time and effort, but it is 100% worth it.

Despite the extra mile you need to go to get an effective retargeting running, the benefits are huge. You can play around with different patterns and see what works best for you.

Closing Thoughts

Retargeting allows you to focus your ad spend on shoppers who have already shown interest in your products/services. This equates to a higher return on investment (ROI). It also works well when combined with your inclusive marketing strategy (e.g., Google AdWords, targeted display, and content marketing).

Need help with your retargeting campaigns? Contact us now for a FREE Consultation. We can help.

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