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Steps for Successful Website Redesign

In this digital age that the world has entered, your website has become one of your most important marketing tools. For this reason, if you have a website, it is paramount that the design be effective towards converting visitors to customers. If the design currently on your website is hindering that goal, then a website redesign is necessary. Web redesign should not be taken lightly, because it can make or break your website’s efficiency. It’s not only about aesthetic and outlook change, but about improving the user experience, and helping you reach sales and conversion goals.

You might need a website redesign company for this, and the scope of work should be clearly outlined. Here are the steps to be followed if you want your website redesign process to be successful:

Step 1 – Outline your goals

It’s important to outline your goals before starting, so you know what the end-game is, and you’ll be able to estimate what you need in terms of time, cost, and effort. When you outline your goals, you can also create a new vision of what you want your website to look like when you’re done with the site redesign.

Step 2 – Evaluate the existing content

Redesigning a site means some things will have to go, while some will stay. You should evaluate all pre-existing content on your website and determine what's worth keeping and what should be redone. When you redesign an existing website, some of the content might also get lost, so it’s best to safeguard what you’re keeping.

Step 3 – Choose a Strategy

Many website redesign strategies exist, so it’s best to pick one and stick to it as you proceed. Your strategy will help you reach your set goals, and help you know how best to reach them. Your strategy will also help you choose the design, backend upgrades, and content.

Step 4 – Homepage Optimization

Your homepage should be the first point of contact between you and people looking to find out more about your brand through your website. It should be optimized and should be a top priority when you redesign your website.

Step 5 – Implementation

Next, you should start implementing all changes, small or big. This is the time to view sitemaps, mockups, wireframes, and all other site elements. Errors should be corrected at this point.

Step 6 – Review the Design and Launch

This is the final stage of the website redesign process, where the new website design is reviewed, tested, and finally launched. You should ensure that it is functional, error-free and that it works seamlessly across all platforms. This will make it accessible and appealing to customers from all over the world using different devices.

Your website redesign process will be a breeze and a success if you follow these steps to the tee. A redesigned and optimized website will do wonders for your brand’s sales because it will increase the conversion rate of visitors to customers or leads.

If you're looking to have your website redesigned, look no further! We would love to work with you, so please take advantage of our FREE CONSULTATION.

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