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Six Do’s and Don’ts of Website Design

Updated: Apr 23, 2021

The world has now become a digital marketplace, and almost every person, brand, and the company has or needs a web presence. As a company, organization, brand, or business, your web presence is very important if you want to reach more customers. A big part of your web presence is your website, and an integral part of websites is website design. Website design plays a very major role because a website with a well thought out design and layout is a great investment. Well over 35% of web users won’t even browse through a site if they think it’s unappealing aesthetically.

For this reason, it is important to know the do’s and don’ts of website design – what to do, and what to steer clear of when building a website, in a bid to attract more customers. These do’s and don’ts will be explored separately under individual website elements: layout, website background, content, and colors.


Do design a decluttered and focal layout.

The best website design is one where the viewer can easily determine or be led to the focal point of the website without having to search or browse too much. The focal point of a website depends on its purpose. If you run a spa, you want customers to book an appointment. Similarly, an e-commerce website design would also be geared towards getting customers to click on the buy button. Let the layout be geared and focused on that idea, and let that take center stage

Don’t create a cluttered layout.

Don’t put too many unimportant or unnecessary elements on one page and expect your visitors to sift through it. If you do not know how to go about this, it would be great to get a web design agency on your payroll.

Content and Text

Do make sure that your website content is relevant.

Ensure that the text you have on your website is concise and straight to the point. Provide your visitors with relevant and helpful information to keep them coming back for more.

Don’t overcrowd the pages with too much text.

No one wants to spend too much time reading walls of text just to get a single piece of information. If the text that appears on every page of your website is too bulky, it might scare visitors off. Professional website developers also advise against it.


Do stick to your brand's color scheme.

Your website represents your brand, and your brand definitely has colors that makeup it's identity. These colors (ideally five or less), should be able to coexist harmoniously, and they should be used to create a suitable color palette for the website.

Don’t use too many colors.

Using too many colors will make your website look like an eyesore and will scare visitors away.

Ensure that you follow these do’s and don’ts religiously when designing your website so that you can end up with a final website that will attract clients and result in high ROI.

If you're interested in having a website designed, look no further! We would love to work with you, so please take advantage of our FREE CONSULTATION.

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