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Optimizing Landing Page for Success

They say the first impression is the last impression and we quite agree. When you come across an ad that leads to a website, the landing page is what you see. You may want to stay and explore further or close the web page, all of it depends on whether the landing page has what you were looking for or not.

As most of our activities shift to the online world, it is important that all the digital touchpoints should be effective and free of errors. The landing page is the first part of the website a customer comes across, therefore it is crucial that you get it right. To start off, your understanding of what a landing page should entail must be clear as well as how it benefits the business. Once you’ve done that, it will be easy for you to get your head in the game and start implementation. A good website design takes into account everything including your landing page.

If you’re still confused on what a landing page is and how it helps you, let us walk you through it all.

Landing Page and Why You Should Focus On Them

Landing page refers to the page of your website which a visitor or a potential customer comes across when clicking an ad. It is not the same as the homepage or the about us section. The aim of a landing page is to gauge the attention of the visitor and eventually convert them into a customer. An example of a landing page is the one that is dedicated to a service or product you are selling. If there is a deal or sale going on, the page that talks about it will be your landing page. There are plenty of reasons why landing pages are important which we have listed down below.

1. An Excellent Tool to Generate Leads

As we mentioned earlier, a landing page should have information that the customer is looking for. The home page and landing page should not be the same, primarily because both of them have different objectives. A home page tells the customer about your business whereas the landing page tells them about a specific offer or deal.

The landing page should have all the information that the customer is looking for. Duping the customer into clicking the ad and then failing to provide what they’re looking for is not only going to give a bad impression but will also serve no function. The customer has clicked the page with an expectation that should ideally entail the end-goal of the user.

Ideally, there should be a form on the landing page so that information can be collected and you can follow up with the customer later. The customer providing information can provide permission from their side to receive follow up correspondence from your business and will make the conversion more effective.

2. Landing Pages Are a Significant Part of an Ad Campaign

If you are offering a deal and running an ad campaign for the same, the link provided in your ad should take the customers to the relevant information only. In other words, the landing page should be an extension of the ad campaign and should convert the click to actual sales. This way, your advertising budget will be worth every dollar spent and the ad campaign will have completed its objective.

In a nutshell, When your ads are running, the links embedded in them should lead straight to the offer and deals the ad is talking about.

3. Landing Page Helps You Reach Goals Faster Without Any Distractions

We’ve discussed the reason landing pages exist but to make the most of your objectives, you need to be specific and avoid any information that may not be important to the user. Relevant and comprehensive information is a key ingredient to capture customer attention. Bombarding unrelated information will result in a higher bounce rate and is a recipe for disaster. While designing the website, keep it simple and to the point so that the customer doesn’t get diverted.

Nailing the landing page for an e-commerce website is a key priority for sales and conversion. If your website is being redesigned, make sure the landing page is built for success.

If you are looking for a website redesign or simply for advice on how you can improve the effectiveness of your landing page, our team of web developers and strategists can help you. Whether you are a small business or a big one, we give advice accordingly. Get in touch with us today to get started!

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