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Must-Haves for a PR Toolkit

Gone are the days when the saying “all publicity is good publicity” held any truth. Now, as a reputable company, organization, or brand, you need to work hard to make sure all the news that's published online about you is positive, clean, and spotless. You also need to make sure the name of your company, firm, or business is being exposed properly so that you can reach more people and potential clients. In order to do this, you need to ensure that you have a great PR toolkit.

A PR toolkit is great for any PR campaign because the best PR campaigns are best carried out when you are fully ready and prepared. When carrying out a public relations campaign, your PR toolkit must consist of some essentials. These essentials cover all the basics and will do wonders for your campaigns and brand image.

Here are five must-haves for any brand’s PR toolkit, for the running of a successful public relations campaign:

1. An Open Mind

The first thing you need when embarking on PR campaigns is an open mind because you don’t know where the next big opportunity will come from. Be ready to invest; always be ready for over-the-phone interviews as more and more people want to know about your business, and be ready to take steps to increase your (positive) publicity. You should also be open to publicity opportunities in the top or popular newspapers as time goes on.

2. A Comprehensive List Of Product And Service Prices

If you offer services or sell products, an important aspect of your PR toolkit has to be a comprehensive list of their prices, details, pick-up and/or delivery information, and time it would take to get it done. This is important, as people would like to know what they’re getting into, and how to plan their time and budget around your products and/or services.

3. A Press Release Template

No PR toolkit and PR campaign are complete without a press release. A great press release needs a title that commands attention, and a first sentence that reinforces that title. It should also contain important and relevant information about your business that can help readers everywhere learn more about and familiarize themselves with your business. It also needs to contain contact information, social media handles, and your website details, as well as your business logo.

4. A Good Relationship With The Press

You can never hope to have an effective PR toolkit without proper connections and relationships with the movers and shakers of the press. You should be on good terms with journalists whose area of focus is your industry, and whose readers are your target market. This would help you build credibility.

5. High-Quality Brand Photos

Lastly, your PR toolkit needs high-quality photos of all aspects of your brand. This has done wonders for the best PR campaigns. These photos include photos of the business owners and the main team, a photo of the business logo, and photos that show off your products and services. Have them in both high res and low res, for when the need arises.

With these five elements, your PR toolkit will be spotless and virtually untouchable and will result in great and successful PR campaigns.

If you need assistance creating a PR Toolkit, look no further! We would love to work with you, so please take advantage of our FREE CONSULTATION.

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