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Local SEO Services

What if we tell you that more than 46% of the searches are local [1]? Does it ring a bell? Yes, that is true that most of the people want to be informed about the local products and services whenever they need something. There was a time when people used search engines just for international news. Nowadays, people use search engines to know the products and services around them. They may search for a grocery store to a doctor, small business to larger setup or even they could just search for anything for the sake of information.

This is a fact that in today's age, the term "local SEO" has become really important, and everyone is struggling hard to rank high on Google search results. Why Google? The answer to this question is quite simple. More than 87% of people use Google for searching for anything [2]. This is the reason we are concerned about our ranking in Google search results.

We, as professional, know about the strategies and white hat techniques that are highly

effective to rank your business higher in Google.

How do we achieve it? To understand it, let us tell you some main factors of local SEO.

Local SEO Important Factors

Search engines have designed their algorithms, and the purpose of this is to show the best

possible result to the user. Usually, the search engines keep on changing and updating their

algorithm to make them more refined to pick relevant records only. Some of them, like

Google, has recently tried to implement an artificial intelligence system to identify the best

results, and they take a lot of things as the ranking factor.

For the local SEO, Google has its own algorithms to prioritize the relevant records and let us

tell you some of those factors.




The first important factor is relevancy. Google has designed its algorithms to find the most

relevant record to show in top results. Undoubtedly, this is the main purpose of a search

engine. We are experts in optimizing your site and business to make it relevant against

specific search queries according to Google’s guidelines. We do the job professionally, and

you see the results.

The next point is to pick the records on the basis of user experience. If a record is relevant,

but it lacks some user experience guidelines that maybe some reviews about your product

or business, Google may ignore you. Being professionals, we know how to improve the

user experience, including online reputation management to improve your performance

in the search results.

The third and most important factor is proximity which talks about showing the results that

are nearby. Google prefers the business and sites that are close to the user who is

searching for a product or service. If you are at a location “A” and the user on the location

“B” searches about a product or service, if you still want to be visible and rank for the search

term in the location “B”, we know how to make that happen. It is all about optimizing the site

for all the factors that we discussed as the macro ranking factors.

Local SEO Checklist

We take each project as our primary project, and our team of experts works hard to make

the project successful. When a client contacts us, we do a deep discussion about the type

of search queries he wants to rank for along with some other important questions like the

target location. There are a lot of things we check and fix accordingly. Let us mention some

of the areas we cover:

Site Audit

A site audit is the first thing we do to find any errors that can make it hard for a site to

rank. We do the site audit using multiple premium tools and a lot of manual work. We

make a checklist of the tasks and issues that need to be fixed and then start fixing

the critical issues right away.

GMB Profile

We check the Google My Business profile thoroughly. If it is not there already, we

create it and optimize it for a higher rank. There are a lot of things to consider in a

GMB profile like the NAP consistency and the right information that should match the

client’s site and the business information. Our team of experts knows how to

optimize the GMB profile for the best ranking.

Citations & NAP Consistency

We have a dedicated team to do citations on relevant places and with the right

content. We always make sure that the information we use, matches with the site's

homepage and the GMB profile.

Directories and Reviews Platforms

Our dedicated team of reputation management takes care of your online reputation.

If users have something that they need to ask about your business or product, we

are here to answer such queries on your behalf. Our team also makes sure that your

online reputation is managed.

Social Media

The social media team is an expert in handling the queries and managing your business

pages across all social platforms. There is no doubt that most people feel

comfortable interacting with a business using social media.


The most important task is handled by our link-building team that has years of

experience in finding the right type of links for you. Our team has a huge list of local

news and press release sites to share your site’s information to enhance your online


Do you really need to focus on local SEO?

You may have a question in mind about the need for local SEO. The answer to this question

is quite obvious. You may be providing the best quality product or service in the area, but

not many people know about your product or service. You need to have your digital

presence to increase the business and enhance your online presence.

The tasks mentioned above are only a brief introduction to our services. We do a lot more

than we have mentioned above. Our team has several years of experience, and it uses

white hat proven techniques and strategies to accomplish the task. If you still have any

questions in mind, you can always contact us, and we'll be happy to answer.


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