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COVID Relief For Small Business

We are nearly seven months into the COVID-19 pandemic and it is still a mystery when we will actually see the light at the end of this tunnel. This crisis raises concerns about not only the health of the American citizens but also the state of our economy. According to recent stats, close to 13 million people are currently seeking Pandemic Unemployment Assistance. Our leisure spending, however, is returning to pre-pandemic levels in spite of a shift in focus on staying in and away from the outdoors.

It has become essential for all businesses, big and small, to adjust to a new way of offering services and getting their products in front of new, existing, and potential clientele. What better way to reach an audience at a distance than the internet at large? Now is absolutely the time to integrate the priority for an online presence into your business model no matter what industry you are in and although it may seem frightening, it is time to get aggressive about more innovative approaches to advertising online.

The good news…

Companies such as the Los Angeles-based Evolving World Marketing (EWM NOW) are acting fast with small businesses in mind by offering $1000 worth of services to new clients. With a mission; “To provide innovative and effective integrated marketing and digital solutions, helping clients grow their business and realizing their goals.” This agency is assisting in the growth of over 150 companies throughout the US during a time when many other businesses are closing up shop under the pull of a falling economy.

With resources like these, how can we sit back and watch the world change without pivoting as well! Reach out for more information...

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