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A Guide to Nail Your Website Redesign

Creating a website is one of the primary steps towards creating a robust digital presence. Not only does it provide credibility to your business but also helps you reach out to more customers. Apart from giving you a solid base to sell your products and services, it gives a chance to your potential customers to learn about the business.

If you have an e-commerce website and its design is hindering you from achieving your goals, it is time for it to be redesigned. When you’re planning to revamp your website, it is important that you have clarity in terms of the goals you want to achieve. Although aesthetics are an important part of website efficiency, the user experience, and conversion goals should be taken into account during the design and development process.

We recommend that a website redesign company should be taken on board so that the scope of work is clear. Having an expert opinion will give you a clear idea of the budget requirement, time, and effort needed for your project. Here’s how you can ensure that success from redesigning your website.

Set Your Objectives

Before starting out, evaluate the very reasons you want to revamp your website. Is your website difficult to navigate? Are your current and future objectives being met with the current website? If not, then what additional features do you require in the new website for it to fulfill the goals? During this phase, you should also have a vision for your overall operations.

Content Assessment

Content is one of the key components of the website. When redesigning your website, have a look at your existing content and evaluate whether it is clearly communicating what it is supposed to. You may find that some of the content is worth keeping while the other should be redone. Some content may get lost during a redesign, so it’s best to save the existing one in your data for later use.

Devising a Strategy

After your objectives have been defined, there are a number of ways you can go about implementing them through your website. This implementation is basically your strategy and depends on a number of factors such as your brand image, the time you have on hand, and the budget. The strategy will also give you direction in terms of design, backend updates, and the type of content you want to display.

Ensuring An Effective Landing Page

The first thing people see on your website is the homepage. Make sure the design is optimized to help people navigate through the entire website effortlessly. Since it is the first impression of your business, you need to check if the information is appropriately placed and the experience is user-friendly for the visitors or not.

Redesign Execution

During execution evaluate the mockups, wireframes, and related elements. This will help you in spotting any errors your strategy or design may have. Once you’ve carefully gone through them, you’ll be in a much better position to implement the changes.

Review the Redesign

Now that all changes have been made and your brand new website is set to launch, it should be reviewed and tested. If you’ve missed errors during execution, this is the time to rectify them. Checks and balances are crucial at this stage. This step will help your website be user friendly and have the ability to reach out to a larger audience regardless of the device they are using for access. Your website should load seamlessly and work across all platforms without any hiccups.

Only after you have tested the website will you be in a position to launch it. It will make your operations smooth and your objectives easier to achieve.

The website redesign process isn’t difficult if you follow these steps. To reiterate, a thorough estimate of your objectives and a clear understanding of your current position is imperative before you start. After all, you can’t make a plan unless you know where you stand and what you’re capable of.

A great website can be instrumental in bringing in traffic and increasing sales. If your website is easy to navigate and in the case of an e-commerce platform, is safe and convenient, success will be evident by the numbers. Not only will there be more visitors, but the conversion rate will be great too.

Are you planning to redo your website and need assistance? Get in touch with us today and let us help you with each step of the process.

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