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The Challenge:

Scaling growth on a streetwear clothing brand that was having trouble properly utilizing LifeCycle marketing and PPC






Building the most user-friendly site, where customers are guided to checkout and avoid cart abandonment was something Twenty1Rich was in need of. Starting with a 1% conversion rate, and building that to over high of 4% we completed this goal, and work daily to continually optimize and perfect this process.


With customer relationship management systems and captivating email campaigns for new releases and retargeting customers, we’ve grown the return customer rate and gross revenue by over 25% just with these strategies and 8 monthly email campaigns.


Through a dedicated retargeting strategy while continuously building out new cold audience campaigns Twenty1Rich saw their ad spend increase hand in hand with their return on adspend year over year resulting in a double in growth for their business


Strategy is an integral part of all provided services, but some brands need an overall rework of their strategy to catapult them into a new tier of growth. Since Twenty1rich has been able to open 2 locations and maintain their brand image through their captivating lifestyle both with their in person and digital presence.

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