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The Challenge:

“Buy SafeTouch” offers one of a kind product that needed to be known in today’s market. That’s where we came in! We know that it can be tough to keep up with the way the market behaves especially with the pandemic going on in an ever-changing competitive place.
We needed to bring their vision to life and capitalize on the COVID 19 safety equipment market. Our approach helped to avoid the caveats of selling restricted products on Facebook, Instagram, and Google.



2.75X ROAS



We built a unique custom website, implemented strategic branding, and executed targeted campaigns that showcased what “Buy SafeTouch” is all about while bringing in the right audience.


  • Custom website and implementation of unrivaled campaigns and branding in a competitive vertical.

  • Conversion Rate Optimization resulting in a conversion rate of over 7%, while paired with an effective campaign strategy.

  • Networking with large influencers and brands to make collaborations with names like Travis Scott’s ‘Cactus Jack’ brand and The US Air Force Academy.


It took our partnership with “Buy SafeTouch” 50 days to:

  • Gross $1.2M+ in Sales.

  • Gain a steady Conversion rate of 7%+ by continually A/B testing variants to ensure the highest possible rate.

  • Bring in ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) of 1200%+ achieved by our media buying experts who formulated campaigns that brought back in unrivaled returns.

  • Used our network to collaborate with big names: Travis Scott & the US Air Force Academy.

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