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As CEO and founder of EWM, Ezra directs and coordinates the overall execution of our services. Passionately involved in every client’s business operations, Ezra’s servant leadership steers the sails for the evolution and growth of EWM and its clients.


On weekends, you’ll usually find Ezra still working, riding his motorcycle, or making music.


Chief Executive Officer - Partner

As co-founder and partner of EWM, Felipe utilizes his resourceful and quick-witted mind to further EWM’s operations. With a previous life as a club owner and renowned promoter for LA’s largest and most luxurious events, he brings the best of the best clientele and artists to the table.

On weekends and after work you’ll find Felipe ‘Fresh’ Cuevas cooking a 5-star meal, or with his wife and family adventuring around LA and appreciating fine cuisine.


Chief Operations Officer - Partner

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(213) 434-4701

The Master of GIFs, LeeRoy is more likely to express himself in GIF emails rather than using words. Whether it’s working with clients, managing the entire service spectrum, or working on the most creative event ideas, LeeRoy is your go-to guy for bringing your brand's vision to life!

Side note: HUMMUS. IS. LIFE.


Executive Director of Client Services

A self-proclaimed “cold brew snob”, Brandon relies on that sweet sweet coffee goodness (shout-out Stumptown) to help him through his busy days. Please don’t be offended when you receive your first (or second) follow up email, he’s just trying to make sure we can help your brand in a timely manner!

Outside of the office, and pre-pandemic, you can find Brandon at the closest concert venue checking out some indie/electronic bands.

Go Chargers!


Executive Director of Administration

A Super Marketer, Joy is a brand builder who loves seeing how brands communicate through teasers and ads! She’s the person you need when communicating your vision whether it’s through writing, directing, or branding.

A music enthusiast who soundtracks life with her own music-making & a strong believer that we are all Ripple Effects; Empathy is Key. 

Coffee for Morning Motivation, the outdoors for constant Inspiration, and fattoush for the appreciation of the little things.


Brand & Communications Manager

As EWM’s Director of Strategy and co-founder, Dalton ensures all aspects of client services are attended to with the passion and creativity we put into our own ventures. In the office, he ensures the effective development and execution of all plans and strategies.

You can find Dalton working at the EWM Los Angeles headquarters, or snowboarding at his winter home in Steamboat Springs, CO.


Director of Strategy

As EWM’s epitome of creativity and bringing ideas to life, Kazaa is a fervent graphic designer and artist in its truest form. A visionary with a mind for business and a zealous work ethic to get the job done are the qualities that set Kazaa apart from the average graphic artist.

In his free time, Kazaa is still providing the world with creative value through his music and as a proficient artist in all mediums.


Creative Director

There are no boundaries when it comes to learning something new every day for David. As a result, you can find David making custom websites, managing media buying, and performing basic editing tasks in PhotoShop.

In his free time, David explores California with his wife, plays video games, and learns new skills. 


Marketing & Web Development Manager

Beth enjoys learning about people and why they behave the way they do, which is why she will love pouring over your data. Don't judge if this is all done while sipping 32 ounces of soda.

Before the pandemic, Beth spent most weekends at movie theaters and museums. Her favorite museum is the Getty Villa! Now she spends her time watching sports such as baseball, football, and soccer. She also has a tendency to read only half her books before moving on to the next one, leaving a pile of half-finished books in her wake.


PPC Manager

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